We’re all about business performance and growth consulting.

We’re the sidekicks your business, we spread the word, push your brand, shape your talents and get the job done.
Join our international network of start-ups, advisors, VCs and more networkers.
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Consulting Solutions

Accelerating business growth, extending market shares, going-to-market abroad, or simplifying your internal processes.

Companies benefit from fresh insights, experienced consulting and vital benchmarks.

We provide you with findings from industry market leaders and your individual competitors, so you learn first hand what others do differently. Learn from their mistakes, do it better, adopt best practices, get supportive advisory and cross the chasm.

  • Use our services to grow your start-up from a few to 250 employees at the right pace.
  • Our go-to-market experts support businesses to enter local markets effectively, whether in the German-speaking countries, or across the globe.
  • With industy-specific growth services and dedicated networking options, we support start-ups, as well as, medium-sized companies to build pipeline, increase closing rates, or run fun VC-funding parties.
  • Proven exit strategies provide you with the necessary knowledge to prepare and offer your business – be it an IPO or M&A.
  • With our M&A gaming services, you will get armed for different anorganic growth situations, and get familiar with post-exit days and weeks.
  • Looking for some networking? Join our global relationship infrastructure to get connected, and find trustful connections for a lifetime.
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Trust and Action.

We know about the importance of active partnerships.

Are you looking for amazing products to add to your portfolio? Or do you want to expand and go to market in the German-speaking countries? Or build-up a specific reseller network for your solution?

No matter what business model you’re looking for.
Whether OEM, VAR or other types of relationships are to be generated.
Get connected with us and our network.

We connect you to the right people – be it for just one day, one event, for a project, or even business lifetime as a new hire.

We cooperate globally to help you generate effective and sustainable market impact across borders.

We’ll guide you – inspire you – and love your project like ours.

Join our partner network, drop us an email…

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About Us

The Business Accelerators GmbH, headquartered in Garching near Munich, is an incubator founded in 2017 with focus on disruptive markets and technologies. The goal of the company is to generate a sustainable value creation and growth chain for international customers and partners who are seeking access to or push towards an expansion in the European market. The solution portfolio includes, in particular, corporate consulting, strategy development, marketing and business development. The Business Accelerators projects include: the e-commerce platform “WEARABLEZZ- The Wearables Marketplace”. This digital marketplace brings together global suppliers of innovative wearable technologies with B2C and B2B customers and partners. WEARABLEZZ covers all wearable categories, from sports & fitness, couture & lifestyle, over medical wearables to security & safety.

Our Vision:

Our guidance and networking services are more than just business – we contribute to your project as it would be our own to help your business grow, and create solutions that disrupt markets – and the world.

Our Mission:

We enable start-ups by contributing with passion and resources like it would be our own business. We love your project, and are here to serve you to become the leader within your vertical.

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